Could a lady MacGyver duct tape the way to more female engineers?

Could a female MacGyver show get more girls into engineering? The show's creator thinks so.

Women in Engineering

Engineering has some of the widest gender gaps among the STEM fields, despite having some of the most fascinating -- and lucrative -- career options. Cristen and Caroline explore women's contributions to engineering, why industrial engineering attracts the most women and female students' altruistic motivations for pursuing the challenging degree.

Goldieblox: An Engineering Toy for Girls

While Debbie Sterling was an engineering student at Stanford University, the small number of female engineers got her thinking about how to engage young girls in STEM fields. Cristen chatted with the engineer-turned-entrepreneur, about her invention of Goldieblox, a toy designed to teach girls engineering principles within a narrative framework, and why toys for girls should diversify beyond pink princesses.