The Women of Wakanda

B is joined by Still Processing's Jenna Wortham to talk through the women in the hit film Black Panther.

Can I be a feminist and still enjoy trashy reality TV shows?

Reality TV is a harmless guilty pleasure...or is it?

Your Favorite Feminist Card Game You Never Knew Existed

The vintage card game we imagine all the coolest second-wave feminists played, with imagine Gloria Steinem poker-facing behind her signature aviators and Bella Abzug hiding trump cards in her hat brim.

Vesta Tilley, Queen of Male Impersonators

Dressed to the nines in gentlemen's clothing, Vesta Tilley (nee Matilda Alice Victoria Powers) became the queen of British music halls.

The Black Marilyn Monroe

Why was Joyce Bryant, once known as "The Black Marilyn Monroe," relegated to pop cultural obscurity?

Video Games & Women, Part II

What's it like for women who play video games, having to deal with gamer girl stereotypes, in-game harassment and a shortage of strong female characters to play? In part two of their series on video games, Cristen and Caroline take a look how video games and gaming culture treat women.

Video Games & Women, Part I

What's it like for women in video games who comprise just 12 percent of the industry? Cristen and Caroline kick-off their two-part series on video games by looking at women making their way in the industry and the challenges -- and sometimes death threats -- they face.

25 Women Rappers You Should Listen To

The MAKERS of Comedy

Comedy hasn't always been an especially welcoming space for women. Cristen and Caroline highlight the hilarious female trailblazers who've been honored by MAKERS, an historic initiative that aims to be the largest and most dynamic collection of women's stories ever assembled.