Sports Boobs

Studies have found that breasts have a significant impact of if and how girls and women exercise. Cristen and Caroline work out how breast variety, bounce embarrassment and sports bra technology impact female fitness.

Girls Who Lift

Why are many women scared of weightlifting? Cristen and Caroline flex the gendered history of women lifting heavy things and debunk the myth that girls who lift will bulk up.

Waist Training

Women across Instagram are wearing corsets while they work out. No really. Cristen and Caroline take on the waist training exercise fad by consulting corset history, waist training-wary doctors and studies suggesting shapewear should be worn with caution.

Shapely Ankles and Cankles

Why are women getting plastic surgery to slim down their ankles? Cristen and Caroline explore how slender ankles became a feminine beauty standard and the etymology and science behind the dreaded cankles.

When Exercise and "Physical Culture" Became Good for Women, Too

Turn-of-the-century publishing magnate, Bernarr Macfadden, who I mentioned in a previous post on thermal dieting, was serious about physical fitness. As in writing an eight-volume encyclopedia on the topic, serious. Among his multiple publishing endeavors that made him a household name and a millionaire in the early 20th century, Macfadden launched Physical Culture magazine in March 1899, featuring a 25-page opus on bodybuilding and a snappy tagline declaring "Weakness is a Crime." Lasting until 1955 when Macfadden died, Physical Culture magazine churned out typical health and fitness stories on longevity, diet, exercise and even "correct breathing for magnetism and charm."

Meet the World's Oldest (and Raddest) Yoga Teacher

In 2013, Guinness World Records named then-93-year-old Tao Porchon-Lynch the world's oldest yoga instructor. Even though Porchon-Lynch has had a hip replacement, it hasn't slowed her practice, which she told the BBC she plans to keep up "until I can't breathe anymore." With her 96th birthday coming up in August, Porchon-Lynch is still teaching and impressing the world with her headstands and chaturangas and demonstrating the enduring potential of female strength.Namaste, yoga badass.

Do New Year's resolutions work?

Humans have made New Year's resolutions for millennia - and had a terrible time sticking to them. So, great expectations aside, why do most resolutions fail? Cristen and Caroline revisit this past podcast examining the science of willpower and sticking with resolutions.

The Uphill Climb of Women's Pro Cycling

Ever wonder why there isn't a women's Tour de France? Women competitive and pro cycling has long lagged behind men's pro cycling, but not for lack of athleticism. Caroling and Cristen discuss female cyclists' uphill fight for recognition.

Fitness inspiration, known as fitspo, is supposed to get women exercising, but is it helpful or hurtful for women's body images? Caroline and Cristen assess the health of fitspo and its links to eating disorders and compulsive exercise.

From ancient Greek stone-lifting to modern-day shake weights, fitness fads have been around for ages. What's the deal with gendered marketing and fitness fads? Listen in to learn why toning sneakers - and other fitness fad products - are completely bogus.