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Without Eyebrows, We're Nobody

The Only Place in the World Where Women Covet Unibrows

When it comes to Western women and eyebrow shaping, it's generally not a question of "if" but "how." There's plucking, waxing, threading, sugaring, shaving (don't do it!), electrolysis, and probably even more hair removal methods that I haven't heard of before, that legions of women apply to that tiny strip of skin where our foreheads meet our noses in order to keep it hair-free. As I recount in the (hopefully hi-larious) video below, I've been battling a unibrow since I was a kid...

In Beards We Trust

Last week on Stuff Mom Never Told You, Molly and I pondered the question "What does facial hair say about a man?". As you can read in more detail in Molly's Thursday post, the episode discussed a lot about attractiveness of certain types of facial hair (i.e. 'stache vs. stubble) and the supposed gender politics involved with taking a razor blade to ones jowls. But listener Lauren also called to our attention one aspect of men's facial hair we overlooked.

Mustache Implants "Booming" in Turkey

Nipple-darkening tattoos in Britain, double eyelid surgery in South Korea, and now mustache implants in Turkey. I'm not going out of my way to turn this blog into Stuff Mom Never Told You About Faddish Cosmetic Surgeries, I swear. But how could I resist spreading the word about how men are apparently "flocking" to Turkey to get mustache implants? Answer: I couldn't.

Hairy Science: Stubble Is Sexiest

To some, facial hair simply represents a man's style or shaving preferences. But others argue that facial hair symbolizes masculinity. Molly and Cristen explore a topic that's close to their male listeners' hearts (and faces) in this episode.