Teenyboppers: From Musicomaniacs to Beliebers

Long before Beatlemania, 19th-century women threw themselves on stage to touch pianist Franz Liszt. Ever since, emotional teenyboppers have been misunderstood and ridiculed for their musical tastes. Cristen and Caroline spotlight the history of pop music fandom and why fangirls are considered the very worst kind of followers.

The First Lady of Cosplay

It's a well-known fact among science fiction fans that Forrest J. Ackerman was the first guy to ever "cosplay," arriving in a "futuristicostume" at the 1939 First World Science Fiction Convention. But what about his cosplaying companion, Myrtle R. Jones, who designed and made those history-making garments?

My Little Bronies

When "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" premiered in 2010, the cartoon attracted a surprising new fan base: men, aka bronies. Cristen and Caroline explore the brony origin, who they are and what it means that a group of men, young and old, are proudly embracing their love of an animated show for little girls.

Bronies By the Numbers

Bronies: For Men Who Love 'My Little Ponies'

I guess I was a little behind on my Internet memes when I received an email from MomStuff listeners Regina a couple weeks ago. She wrote in to tell Caroline and me about a group of fanboys collectively known as "bronies."In a nutshell, bronies are male fans of the "My Little Ponies Friendship Is Magic" animated series.