When did women begin wearing pants?

Before men started wearing the crotch-covering legging we call trousers, everybody wore skirts in one form or fashion (see also: loincloths, tunics, togas, kilts, etc.). And why not? Skirts are far simpler to construct and facilitate more cooling air flow to the nether regions, which would've been a godsend in the pre-air conditioning days. But then, thanks to the rise of horseback infantries, trousers (see also: breeches, codpieces, tights, etc.) became the below-the-belt manly uniform of the masculine masses. Western women, meanwhile, continued wearing skirts, and not just simple wrap-around numbers. We're talking multi-layered, heavy, floor-length ensembles often further supported and puffed out with the assistance of cage crinoline, petticoats, bustles, or other clunky foundation garments, depending on the era (see also: corsets).

Boys of Summer: The Corset Liberator

Paul Poiret was a French designer credited with unlacing women from corsets. Cristen and Caroline explore the intersection of fashion history, industrialization and gender equality in the first installment of their Boys of Summer series.

When Four-Eyed Women Became Fashionable

The Designer Who Unlaced Women From Corsets

A few weeks ago, the Internet was atwitter with a preliminary study finding out of France that bras correlate to sagging breasts over time (and meanwhile, we've apparently all forgotten about the the most powerful culprit of sagging breasts: gravity). Ever since the 14th century, people have experimented with various kinds of brassiere designs to reign in pesky female breasts, help clothes lay smooth and, yes, supply some extra perk to the chest region. But it wasn't until the 20th century that women began to don bras en masse, thanks in part to the couture contributions of French designer Paul Poiret, whom I bet would be scandalized at the thought of fashionable women eschewing undergarments.

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