Although the golden age of rodeo lasted from 1919 to 1929, says the National Cowboy Museum, that cowgal style has stuck around both on and off the ranch since. popped in and out of fashion long after.

Historically, men have always worn makeup. But now, wearing makeup is seen as effeminate. Is it possible that more men will wear makeup in the future, given that cosmetics sales to men are rising? Tune in to learn more.

Throughout history, opinions of corsets have fluctuated. Some have called the corset the Western version of foot binding, while others think the corset's been stuck with a bad rep. Tune in as Cristen and Molly dive into the cultural history of the corset.

These days, a majority of modern women carry a handbag of some sort. Why are purses so popular with women? And why are they so expensive? In this episode, Molly and Cristen take a look at the cultural history and gender implications of handbags.

When Molly and I discussed Guerrilla Girls on Stuff Mom Never Told You and asked listeners to send us suggestions for the best women artists out there today, we got a crash course in contemporary art education in return. Thanks to our art savvy audience, I can now name drop my way through any gallery opening like an A-plus art school grad.

Wonder Woman's Changing Clothes

What do you give a superhero to commemorate her 600th comic book? A new outfit, of course. On Wednesday, DC Comics revealed a revamped Wonder Woman with a revised background story and more modest crime-fighting clothes. Instead of the American flag-esque bustier and hot pants, Wonder Women will now wear full-coverage tights and a bolero over a higher-cut bustier.

Although they're ubiquitous on today's beaches, bikinis are a far cry from the modest, cumbersome swimming costumes women used to wear. Molly and Cristen discuss the history and feminist implications of the world's skimpiest swimwear in this episode.

In recent decades, pantyhose were ubiquitous, but plenty of women still wear them today. Tune in as Molly and Cristen investigate where pantyhose came from, who wears them and what they're made of in this episode of Stuff Mom Never Told You.

Most modern women wear bras on a daily basis, but why? How did these breast-supporting garments become so common? What purpose do they serve, exactly? Tune in to this episode of Stuff Mom Never Told You to discover some surprising facts about the bra.

High heels are a popular fashion accoutrement for modern women, but they also cause foot and knee problems. So why do women still wear them? Learn more about high heels -- including their surprising origins -- in this podcast from