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Military Wives

Being married to the military comes with unique challenges, including deployment, frequent moves and stereotyping as a frivolous "Army wife." Cristen and Caroline examine what life is really like for military spouses, LGBT military families and female soldiers with civilian husbands.

Who was the first American servicewoman killed in action?

To commemorate Memorial Day, the annual American holiday honoring the military men and women who've died in service, I wanted to find out the first female military personnel who died in the line of duty. This might seem like a morbid pursuit, but casualties are an important part of military history because they serve as reminders of the high human toll of warfare and the dangerous environment soldiers willingly walk (or sail, or fly, or parachute...) into. Moreover, since the U.S. military officially green lit female soldiers fighting in combat positions earlier this year, this Memorial Day seems like an especially appropriate one to women's military contributions.