Classic Episode: The Vegetarian Gender

Why are women likelier to be vegetarian and vegan? Cristen and Caroline cook up a podcast feast of facts about the history of vegetarianism and what gender has to do with foregoing meat.

Even More Cooking Shows

Our listeners always come through with recommendations for further reading -- and in this case, further watching. After our episodes on The Gendered Chef and Cooking Shows, you guys wrote in about the shows and chefs you never miss.

Cooking Shows

In 1963, Julia Child made an omelet on Boston public television and changed culinary history forever. Cristen and Caroline cook up how television cooking gave rise to celebrity chefs who brought a new generation of cooking women into our homes for better -- or burnt.

The Gendered Chef

Women leading professional kitchens is a relatively new dish. Cristen and Caroline cook up the history of how chef became a man's job and how women today are taking the culinary industry by storm.

Farmer Janes

Being a farmer's wife used to be the pinnacle role for women in agriculture, but that's changing fast. As more women reclaim land and run farms, Cristen and Caroline highlight how they're becoming seen as the rising gatekeepers of sustainable food production.

Women's Work: Farmerettes

Before Rosie the Riveter, there was the Farmerette.


Do women really go crazy for chocolate? Cristen and Caroline unpack the old stereotype of women's chocolate obsessions, one of advertising's greatest confections.

The Anthropology of Pie

Pie is an ancient food that began as a utilitarian and often inedible necessity and evolved over centuries into its current role as a sweet treat and dessert nemesis of cake. Cristen and Caroline get in the holiday cooking spirit by examining the anthropology of pie as well as its many gendered layers.

18th-Century Mayonnaise

...In addition to finding out that the FDA has devised a mayonnaise checklist, which is one of the greatest artifacts of bureaucracy mine eyes have ever beheld, I also learned that mayo has been around since the 1700s. Paula Deen would've been right at home in the 18th century, y'all! AP reporter Mae Anderson wrote that it "originated in France...when a chef seeking to make a creamy sauce combined oil and egg."

Is food porn unhealthy? Do foodies represent a cultural era of feast or famine? Join Caroline and Cristen as they explore the rise of the foodie and the culinary hipster.