Have food morals replaced sexual morals? Do modern humans want pizza and chocolate more than sex? Surveys suggest yes. Listen in to learn more about how food and sex collide in the brain.

Tis the season for throwing away tons of food. Did you know that the federal government only mandates expiration dates on infant formula and baby food? What do the dates on food packaging really mean? Tune in to learn more about food waste.

What is celiac disease? Why have rates of celiac disease been rising in the U.S.? Are gluten-free diets good for everybody? Join Caroline and Cristen as they take a closer look at celiac disease and gluten-free diets.

Could a 1-cent soft drink tax really save millions of lives? What are the health impacts of drinking soda? Are diet soft drinks better for you? Join Cristen and Caroline as they look at the relationship between soft drinks and health.

Researchers have reached conflicting findings about the potential health impacts of soy phytoestrogens, including the relationship between soy, breast cancer and testosterone. But what does it all mean? Join Cristen and Caroline to learn more about soy.

When it comes to body odor, we all smell a little different. But are there distinct gender differences? In this episode, Molly and Cristen discuss how body odor works, the many factors that can affect it -- and tactful ways to address a body odor problem.

Life According to Cosmo: How to Cook a Cosmo Snack

Are organic foods healthier?

Organic foods have been touted as more nutritious for you, but they're also more expensive. Are they really healthier? Are they worth the cost? Molly and Cristen weigh the pros and cons of buying organic in this podcast from

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