The Work Wife

Over our working lives, we encounter plenty of pals, acqaintances and even enemies, but the beloved work spouse is rarer -- and, it turns out, more productivity-enhancing. Cristen and Caroline look at what makes our work wives and husbands so special, how gender influences our relationships and how to prevent your IRL spouse from getting jealous.

Fictional Attraction

Where do celebrity crushes, affections for fictional characters and hero worship come from? Cristen and Caroline shed light on the fascinating spectrum of parasocial relationships we develop with people in books, television and tabloids.

7 Types of Friends With Benefits

Not all "friends with benefits" are created equally, research finds.

Popular culture would suggest that heterosexual men and women can't have purely platonic relationships, but is this claim really valid? Molly and Cristen take a closer look at cross-sex friendships in this episode.