gender differences

The Selfless Sex: Why Women Volunteer More Than Men

Women Lose Sleep Better Than Men

Preliminary research from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine indicates that lost sleep affects women less potently than it affects men. When men and women only snooze for six hours or less throughout the workweek, cognitive performance takes a hit, which accumulates over time as well. Even sleeping in during the weekend isn't enough to make up the difference -- especially in men.

Historically, men have always worn makeup. But now, wearing makeup is seen as effeminate. Is it possible that more men will wear makeup in the future, given that cosmetics sales to men are rising? Tune in to learn more.

29: The Year Women Start "Feeling Old"

I've barely dipped my toes into my late 20s, but I found out today that I'm only a few short years away from feeling old. A survey from a British funeral business, published in March, revealed that women start "feeling old" at 29 years old. We ladies don't even have to crest the 30-year mark to already start unnecessarily aging ourselves? Heaven help us.

Ever since women started becoming doctors, studies have scrutinized genders and doctoring styles. Women may spend more time with patients and communicate more easily with them, but that's not the whole story. Tune in to learn more.

The Ultra-Rare Left-Handed Female

I'm left-handed. So is Prince William. As a young girl with tween dreams of becoming Kate Middleton with an American accent, I thought it was a special bond between us. And statistically speaking, it is a rather uncommon commonality.

Lies are a surprisingly prevalent part of human society, and deception serves a certain social purpose. But does a person's gender determine how much she or he tells lies? Tune in as Molly and Cristen give you the truth about gender and lies.

What do you look for when you browse online? Do you think that you might approach the web differently if you had a different gender? Listen in as Cristen and Molly explore the differences between men and women web-surfers in this podcast.

Everyone wants to make the world a better place -- but do men and women go about it differently? In this episode, Molly and Cristen take a closer look at how gender may affect charitable donation.

It's refreshing to run across new studies like this one from Pennsylvania State University that poke holes in the kneejerk theory that in relationships, men are ultimately motivated by sex and women live for love. That idea especially came up while Molly and I were researching for our episode on whether men and women cheat for different reasons. Time and again, the studies seemed to condense women down to soul mate-seekers straight out of Debra Messing movies, while the men play sex-hungry beasts.