gender discrimination

Lady Truckers

The trucking industry is recruiting women like never before. Cristen and Caroline get behind the wheel of what life is really life out there on the road and the long haul it will take to make the job safer for women.

The $10 Woman

The U.S. Treasury announced a woman will be featured on a new $10 bill, which got Cristen and Caroline wondering about women on currency around the world. And more importantly, does a woman's face on money really uplift gender equality?

Empresses of Science Fiction

Did you know a woman wrote what many consider the first science-fiction novel? Cristen and Caroline explore women who've shaped science fiction's past and present and how the genre plays with gender.

Firefighting Women

Although women have served as volunteer firefighters since the 19th century, putting out fires for a living is one of the hardest careers for women to pursue today. Caroline and Cristen turn up the heat on the history of women firefighters and why gender discrimination still persists in many fire departments.

In March, the U.S. Department of the Treasury and the White House Council on Women and Girls hosted the Women in Finance Symposium to celebrate women's accomplishments on Wall Street and discuss how to get more involved in the financial sector. Back then, there was a lot of media coverage questioning whether the male-dominated environment of the finance industry was partially to blame for the recession. For that brief moment in the media cycle, women were portrayed as the common sense solution to saving Wall Street.

You might naturally associate the 1964 Civil Rights Act with race, since the crux of the bill dealt with racial equality. But as many of us know, the legislation also bars employers from discriminating based on "race, color, religion, sex or national origin." However, 'sex' might have been left out in the cold were it not for -- ironically -- an anti-civil rights representative from Virginia and leader of the Congress' Conservative Coalition (via Encyclopedia Virginia).