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What Gender Reveal Parties Reveal About Us

E&B break down why the made-for-social-media “gender reveal party” trend is...complicated.

To Housewife or Not To Housewife: That Is STILL the Question?

Most recently, this admittedly heteronormative housewife versus career woman back-and-forth has revolved around domestic work. Specifically, how men and women split chores and childcare, whether women are biologically primed to bear more of those burdens and how keeping a tidy home squares with feminism. And from the sampling of sources below, I've concluded that when it comes to housewifery, the more things change, the more they say the same.

Japanese Girls Paying for Snaggletooth Smiles

For about $400, cosmetic dentists affix fake pointy teeth called yaeba, translated 'double teeth,' that creates an illusion of having crowded baby teeth, a.k.a. snaggleteeth. Fang-like teeth are considered cute and girlish in contemporary Japanese culture, and one of the dentists who first began performing the procedure also has pushed for its popularization by creating an all-girl, snaggletooth pop group TYB48, or Tseuke-Yaeba 48.

Dating Science: Who Pays on the First Date?

Heterosexual dating customs say the guy should be ready to whip out the wallet on the first date, but isn't that a little antiquated? Perhaps, but a 2007 Salon interview with famed anthropologist Helen Fisher indicates that heteros might be biologically "hard-wired" for this fiscal arrangement, rather than just tethered to outmoded courting rituals.