Romantic Comedy Sidekicks

Sidekicks are an integral part of any romantic comedy. In part three of their rom com series, Cristen and Caroline examine the ways these sometimes neurotic, sometimes wise secondary characters trade on stereotypes to shape the protagonists' world.

Romantic Comedy's Working Girls

Women's careers have been central romantic comedy conflicts since the 1940s. In this second installment of their rom com series, Cristen and Caroline unpack the genre trope of independent working girls who sacrifice love for professional success.

Romantic Comedies 101

Rom coms were invented thanks to Hollywood censorship. In this introduction to a five-episode series exploring the vintage screwballs to the modern screwups, Cristen and Caroline spotlight the hallmarks, hijinks and heteronormativity of the romantic comedy movie genre.

The Prince of Queer Fashion

When Prince died April 21, the tributes came pouring out, centering especially on his genderbending fashion that gave plenty of kids someone to look up to and emulate. Cristen and Caroline look at the origins and evolution of queer and androgynous fashion to pinpoint Prince's purple place in the timeline.

Who is Hillary Clinton?

Hillary Clinton has been one of the most successful women in American politics, but ever since she became the First Lady of Arkansas, people have both loved and loathed her. Cristen and Caroline travel back in time to look at what shaped Hillary, how the press has treated her and what it means to be a powerful woman in the public eye.

Adult Coloring Books

Coloring book sales have soared as adults rediscover the calming effects of this childhood pastime. Cristen and Caroline sketch out how the grownup coloring book trend began, psychological debates about its benefits and gender in between the lines.


By the time The Babysitters Club hit bookshelves, amateur childcare already had a buckwild history. Cristen and Caroline chart the invention, gender panic and economic boom of the babysitting industry.

Psychic Women

Why are most psychic readers women? Cristen and Caroline examine how crystal balls, fortunetelling, palm reading and other mystical pastimes became women's work and whether females are the psychic sex.

Sexism in VFX: Q+A with Kylee Wall Pena

The Waitress Workforce

Waitresses are a cornerstone, though often underappreciated and underpaid, of the food industry. Cristen and Caroline serve up a history of this female-dominated service sector and why gender is always on the menu.