gendered language

Classic Episode: Hey, Ladies!

The word "lady" has undergone a reclamation of sorts in recent years, but it still carries a lot of baggage, thanks to its gender-loaded etymology. Cristen and Caroline get down to the history, use and varying meanings of what it means to be a "lady" today.

Classic Episode: Crazy Women

Why are women so commonly written off as "crazy"? Caroline and Cristen dig into the "crazy women" verbal tick and how it undermines people actually dealing with mental illness.

The Curse of Swearing Women

Swearing and use of profanity is has long been a considered a masculine habit, while women are the "experts of euphemism." Cristen and Caroline unpack the sociolinguistic danger of women swearing and whether the profanity gender gap is closing at home and in the workplace.

Why is "bossy" a bad word?

In the final installment of the "Lean In" series, Cristen and Caroline explore why "bossy" is a negative term typically applied to women and girls. As we strive for career advancement, how can women square success and likeability in the workplace, and is it time to reclaim "bossy?"

Cristen Conger, Podcastrix

I'd like to propose a new word: podcastrix. Podcastrix would be to podcaster what comedienne is to comedian -- the feminine noun form. Do we need this linguistic clarification? Nah. But it would certainly catch people's attention if I said, "My name is Cristen Conger, and I'm a podcastrix."