gendered marketing

Brogurt, Yogurt For Bros

In 2001, Dannon attempted the seemingly impossible: turn yogurt into a "man food." Speaking to The New York Times about its new ad campaign clearly aimed at a male demographic then-marketing president Eric Leventhal said, "Yogurt is not just a woman thing." And so its new manly commercials showed gritty construction workers....doing a choreographed dance while stirring their yogurt in time? Real tough stuff.

From ancient Greek stone-lifting to modern-day shake weights, fitness fads have been around for ages. What's the deal with gendered marketing and fitness fads? Listen in to learn why toning sneakers - and other fitness fad products - are completely bogus.

How is the NFL courting female (American) football fans? Are female football fans marginalized? How is the NFL targeting football merchandise and marketing for the ladies? Join Caroline and Cristen to learn more.

Before the 1920s, it was considered unseemly for women to smoke. However, as cigarette makers realized they were missing half of the potential market, they attempted to convince women that smoking was related to women's liberation movements.