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Girl Boy Scouts?

The Boy Scouts of America recently announced they’ll be accepting girls into their program next year, to the surprise of the Girl Scouts of America. E&B unpack what this move might mean for scouting’s future.

6 Vintage Girl Scout Badges That Could Improve My Life

The 1925 Official Handbook of the Girl Scouts itemized 47 merit badges girls could attain, which made me a little sad that I was never part of a troop. The following six merit badges could've really made my adult life easier, at least. Take the Milliner Badge (charmingly symbolized with a bonnet), for instance. Think having a hat know-how wouldn't serve any practical purpose? Think again.

How the Girl Scouts Work

Girl Scouts and their cookies are as American as apple pie, but where did they come from? Discover the sweet -- and sometimes controversial -- story of the Girl Scouts in this podcast from