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In the 1970s, Afro Sheen marketed the "poetry" of natural black hair.

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Curly Hair Conundrums

Curly-haired women often feel like they're living in a flat-ironed, staight-haired world. Cristen and Caroline untangle the science of curly hair and get to the root of the cultural stereotypes regarding ringlets.

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How did Marsha on "The Brady Brunch" maintain such lustrous blonde mane? She brushed her hair 100 strokes every evening before bed, of course...

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History's Original Dumb Blonde

In wondering when and why such a random stereotype arose, I had figured it had plenty to do with Marilyn Monroe's 1953 performance in "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" in which she plays the preferable blonde (which is kind of funny when you consider that Norma Jean Mortenson was a brunette when she first headed out in Hollywood). It turns out, however, that the original dumb blonde -- the ODB, if you will -- came around a couple centuries prior...