7 Bald Truths About Comb-overs From Ancient Rome to "American Hustle"

The opening of scene of Oscar-contending "American Hustle" has folks talking not so much about its cinematic mastery, but the masterpiece that is leading actor Christian Bale's comb-over, which he meticulously crafts during the first few minutes of the film. And although the baldness-masking hairstyle tends to be the butt of jokes these days, Donald Trump isn't the only man to have taken his comb-over quite seriously.

Beauty Parlors vs. Barber Shops

Compared to barber shops that have been around since ancient Greece, women's salons and beauty parlors are relatively new inventions. Cristen and Caroline look at the history of each, as well as the gender and racial politics woven into the places we get our hair cut.

Men's Signature Hairdos Discovered at 32

Hollywood's First Haircut Heard 'Round the World

If you're a leading actress in need of a publicity jolt, here's a surefire strategy: chop off your hair.

When actress Mary Pickford cut off her long hair in 1928, the haircut made The New York Times front page. Since short hair is still shocking today, Caroline and Cristen examine the sociocultural meanings of close-cropped women.

Do redheads have it worst? Listen in to learn more about history's original "dumb blonde" and how yellow hair took on its various meanings -- including how and why hair color colors our perceptions of people.

Where do all the bobby pins go?

What did flappers have to do with the invention of the bobby pin? Where do all those bobby pins go when they disappear? Join Caroline and Cristen as they explore the history of hair pins, as well as theories of where all those lost bobby pins end up.

Does stress make you go gray?

Despite folk wisdom, stress doesn't gray your hair. In this episode, Caroline and Cristen explain why you should blame gray hair on your parents, genes and health.

Why do women spend so much time and money removing the hair down there? Is it because of men, the media, or personal preference? Join Molly and Cristen as they travel back in time to find out women's preferences for pubic hair removal through history.

Women Spend $50K on Hair Alone

In general, women's hair costs more than men's, with more expensive haircuts (blowouts and styling included) and pricier haircare products. Even this thrifty nickel has dropped $80 for to-die-for shampoo and conditioner. But my hair nearly fell out in shock when I ran across this survey finding that Molly and I didn't mention in the Stuff Mom Never Told You episode on whether it costs more to be a woman.