Hollywood Witches

From Bewitched to American Horror Story: Coven, Hollywood has loved casting women as witches. In this Halloween episode, Cristen and Caroline discuss why witches are arguably the best female archetype on screen and their ideal witch squad members.

8 Bizarre and Amazing Vintage Halloween Costumes

My two favorite things aside from sandwiches? Weird vintage photos and Halloween. If you're feeling low on the costume inspo front -- or just want to marvel at some masks and some adult women in baby carriages -- look no further.

Women and the Art of Dying

Where do our death rituals come from? Kate Sweeney, author of "American Afterlife: Encounters in the Customs of Mourning" talks to Cristen and Caroline about the role women have played in death and mourning from Victorian hair jewelry to modern-day memorial tattoo artists.

A Brief History of Slutoween

If I had a dollar for every time I've seen a social media comment along the lines of "why are Halloween costumes for women so sexy??!" I'd have enough money to march over to my neighborhood Halloween superstore and buy a sexy French fries costume. For young women these days, the process of choosing a Halloween costume usually starts with the question of "to sexy, or not to sexy?" (or in my mind, "to be warm, or not to be warm on a chilly October night?")...

Why are witches green?

What's up with our popular conception of witches as a green-skinned hags? It is, after all, one of the most common witch-related Google queries.

11 Wonder Woman Halloween Pumpkins

You want a feminist superheroine jack-o'-lantern? Of course you do.

Why are women true crime's bloodthirstiest fans?

Whether in print or on television, true crime draws its largest audience from women. Caroline and Cristen autopsy the gory genre to understand the particularly female appeal of so-called "violence porn."

What Not to Wear on Halloween

Halloween 'tis the season for creative costumes, but why do so many people wear racist, offensive outfits? Cristen and Caroline discuss cultural appropriation and how it impacts broader society not just during Halloween season.

The Mother of Modern Witchcraft

Can you have sex with a ghost?

Ke$ha claimed to have sex with a ghost, and the pop star is not alone in the claim. So why do people believe that incubi, succubi and ghosts lurk in the bedroom. Is sleep paralysis to blame for people's reports of ghost sex? Listen in to learn more.