Indiana University

How the Kinsey Report Fueled Whiskey Sales

While browsing through Brenda R. Weber's study on the public discourse around Alfred Kinsey's 1953 "Sexual Behavior in the Human Female" this caught my eye: "...newspaper coverage on Kinsey's volume on women not only displayed but fostered several important discursive phenomena...ranging from augmented sales of Kinsey whiskey (no direct relation) to increased audiences for evangelical denunciations of Kinsey's 'morally dangerous' report."

Unsolved Mystery: Why We Have Sex

Think about all of the preening and flirting we exert in order to obtain it, not to mention the relationship factors and potential baby-making that may go along with it when it finally happens. To evolutionary biologists, it's an extremely inefficient design compared to asexual reproduction since we squander so many resources for sex, and they're only now figuring out why sex exists.