NOW & Then: Women's Liberation Begins

For 50 years, the National Organization for Women (NOW) has been championed feminist initiatives and gender equalizing political policy. But much of its early developments and intersectionality have been oversimplified by the media and overshadowed by Betty Friedan's controversial legacy. Cristen and Caroline talk to NOW president Terry O'Neill about past pitfalls and immediate progress that got the organization and Women's Liberation marching toward the glass ceiling.

Spill Your Salary Secrets

Salary talk with coworkers is becoming the new "do" in digital workplaces. recruitHER founders Gina Helfrich and Ashley Doyle share their insights on savvy negotiation, the power of salary transparency and how women and tech companies can jointly hack the wage gap.

Ann Friedman's Ladyswagger

Ann Friedman is one of the most important feminist and millennial voices you should know, listen to and read. Tune in to hear Cristen and Caroline chat with this New York magazine columnist, Call Your Girlfriend podcast host, newsletter publisher extraordinaire and mistress of ladyswagger.

A Feminist Marriage

Feminist marriages can take as much planning as feminist weddings. Meg Keene, A Practical Wedding founder and author of the new "A Practical Wedding Planner" offers indispensable advice for newlywed transitions, egalitarian relationships and redefining what it means to be a wife.

The Dead Ladies Project

In her new book, author Jessa Crispin travels the world solo, following in the footsteps of artists who've come before. Caroline and Cristen chat with the writer and Bookslut founder about trading complacency for carrying your own bag.

Forever Sassy

In 1986, Jane Pratt founded Sassy, a magazine which revolutionized teen girl media and culture, and now she helms Cristen chatted with Jane how the pressures on young women have changed -- and stayed the same -- over the years, feminism, and the importance of xoJane and Sassy today.

The Amateur Wedding Guest

Writer Jen Doll has attended so many weddings, she wrote a hilarious memoir about the nuptial tradition from the guests' perspective. Cristen chats with Doll about weddings and relationships, feminism and her new book, "Save the Date."

A Scandalous History of Hollywood Gossip

Celebrity studies PhD and new Buzzfeed features writer Anne Helen Petersen stops by the show to talk about the rise of Hollywood scandal, female stars, celebrity gossip and feminism.