1903: The Year Boston Outlawed Kissing in Canoes

At the turn of the century before unmarried singles would begin kissing in the backseats of cars down Lover's Lane, making out in canoes was all the rage.

Kiss Right to Kiss Well

In anticipation of the Stuff Mom Never Told You Valentine's Day Spectacular (SMNTYVDS2011), here's a fun finding from a 2003 study: Twice as many adults turn their heads to the right as to the left when kissing. Over two and a half years, German researcher Onur Güntürkün stealthily observed 124 "scientifically valid" kisses and came up with the 2:1 right turn smooch ratio. And what's a "scientifically valid" kiss, you might ask?

The first image of a kiss dates back to ancient India -- but where did the concept of kissing originate? More importantly, why do we do it today? Tune in as Molly and Cristen recount the history of kissing and the science behind smooching.

The big question I'm looking to answer (which Molly and I addressed as part of our "Why does the sizzle fizzle?" podcast) is whether love is blind. Do we have any choice in the people we're attracted to and pursue for the long-term? The short answer, according to Gallup, is no.