Classic Episode: Hey, Ladies!

The word "lady" has undergone a reclamation of sorts in recent years, but it still carries a lot of baggage, thanks to its gender-loaded etymology. Cristen and Caroline get down to the history, use and varying meanings of what it means to be a "lady" today.

How to Travel Like a Victorian Lady

Priceless do's and don't for going abroad from Victorian lady travelers who didn't let their bustles hold them back from seeing the world.

Modern Womanhood: A Stock Image Parody

Being a lady these days isn't always pretty. Bonus: this is also a video that you can watch here, which also explains the inspiration for the comedic (we hope) photo shoot.

Psycho Ladies Bicycle: The First Bike For Women

In part to due to this social panic, the Starley company stepped in again in 1889 with the second bicycle specially designed for ladies. David V. Herlihy notes in "Bicycle: The History" that in 1888, the Smith National Cycle Company came out with the Ladies' Dart Bicycle, but it couldn't keep up with demand, and Stanley quickly overtook the ladybike market. The Starley model came with an adorable wicker basket chock-full of chocolates and tampons (just in case!) as well as an emergency modesty poncho. Just kidding! But the name of said ladybike is no joke: Psycho Ladies Bicycle...