lady detectives

Listeners Love Lady Detectives

After doing our two-part series (here and here) about lady detectives on TV, one thing was abundantly clear: Y'all love some lady crimesolvers. While the episodes were busting at the seams with Cagney and Lacey, Olivia Benson, Jessica Fletcher and others, there simply wasn't time to talk about every fabulous character out there.

Murder She Watched, Part 2

Angela Lansbury was 59 what she began starring in "Murder She Wrote" as Jessica Fletcher. Cristen and Caroline pick up their lady detective talk with JB Fletcher and why television has been friendlier to older women as crime solvers and how femininity is played on screen on Law and Order: SVU, Prime Suspect, Top of the Lake and other lady detective-driven shows.

Murder She Watched, Part 1

Women detectives have been a prime-time staple since the 1950s. In part one of their investigation into female crime solvers on TV, Cristen and Caroline trace the literary origin of this beloved character all the way to Cagney and Lacey's game-changing roles.