Max Factor and Hollywood's Makeover Men

Hollywood's first makeup artists were exclusively men. Cristen and Caroline highlight how Max Factor and the Westmore boys revolutionized movie makeup artistry and why the industry could use a facelift today.

Do women wear too much makeup?

A psychologist out of a small university in Wales received global media attention in early 2014 thanks to a study finding that got a lot of people talking about women trying to look pretty for men. Published in the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, Jones' study, "Miscalibrations in judgments of attractiveness with cosmetics," suggested women are wearing too much makeup.

The Eyelash Lengths We Go

Why do women care so much about their eyelashes? From science and ancient history to to a mascare inventor named Rimmel, Cristen and Caroline get deep about these not-so-superficial hairs.

This Is What a Year's Worth of Makeup Looks Like

For a not-so-lovely visual of just how much makeup women cake on their faces ever year, take a gander at "Natural Beauty." Over nine hours, two makeup artists slathered 365 coats of makeup on the model.

Tweens spend $40 million per month on beauty products. And when retailers peddle makeup to tweens, parental freak-outs are bound to occur. So why do parents fret over their daughters wearing makeup? One word: sex. Tune in to learn more.

Historically, men have always worn makeup. But now, wearing makeup is seen as effeminate. Is it possible that more men will wear makeup in the future, given that cosmetics sales to men are rising? Tune in to learn more.

Long before that little tube of lip color became ubiquitous, women found ways to brighten their lips. Get the scoop on lipstick's ancient origins, controversial history, bizarre ingredients and symbolism in this podcast from