The Trouble With Thyroids

Thyroid disorders are eight times more likely to affect women. Cristen and Caroline break down how thyroids function -- and malfunction -- and why these "meat butterflies" are such a female pain in the neck.

The Crossdressing Doctor Who Performed the First Successful Cesaraen Section

In the mid-18th century, when Prussian Dorothea Erxleben-Leporin became the first female doctor in modern history, the medical profession was strictly off-limits to women because people thought it would be downright dangerous to their health. The intensive thinking and intellectualizing required would certainly send members of the fairer sex into hysteria and drain their fertility, so the pre-Enlightenment sexist rationale went; not to mention women lacked the physical strength to wield such impossibly imposing tools as handheld obstetrical forceps. Around 50 years after Erxleben-Leporin successfully petitioned the King of Prussia to grant her admission into medical school, Miranda Stuart was born in 1795. Stuart also wanted to become a doctor, but she took a shortcut around medical schools' no-women-allowed policies and began living as a man when she was 18.

Vaginal Rejuvenation: A Brief Timeline

Although it isn't a new cosmetic surgery, so-called "vaginal rejuvenation" has become on of the most highly publicized procedures that more women are seeking out these days. The combination labiaplasty and vaginoplasty is meant to tighten genital muscles and diminish the appearance of the vulva, literally leaving less to look at, like the opposite of a breast augmentation. Despite the unpleasant (and many would argue unnecessary) process involved, "designer vaginas" are on the upswing...

Did the medical community wrongfully exploit the Lacks family? Listen in to learn how John Hopkins Hospital got a hold of Henrietta Lacks' "immortal" HeLa cells, how these cells transformed modern medicine and more.

What is progeria, aka 'old person syndrome,' and how does it occur? Why do kids with progeria only live into their teens but look much older? Scientists have discovered the first treatment for progeria

Do doctors listen to female patients? Women often complain of doctors not taking symptoms seriously, and patient-doctor mistrust is nothing new. Tune in to learn more about this relationship, including how stress influences a female patient's diagnosis.

Ever since women started becoming doctors, studies have scrutinized genders and doctoring styles. Women may spend more time with patients and communicate more easily with them, but that's not the whole story. Tune in to learn more.

When we think of nurses, we think of women. Male nurses are considered anomalies and are often the butt of jokes in pop culture. But why? Tune in as Molly and Cristen take a closer look at medicine and gender.