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Beard popularity has led some razor companies to promote more "manscaping" below the neck. Caroline and Cristen explore how men are becoming more invested in hair removal and grooming than ever before.

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What's the sociocultural deal with men and cars? Cristen and Caroline take a drive through the gendered history of car advertising, early electric cars for women and why guys are still behind the wheel more often.

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The opening of scene of Oscar-contending "American Hustle" has folks talking not so much about its cinematic mastery, but the masterpiece that is leading actor Christian Bale's comb-over, which he meticulously crafts during the first few minutes of the film. And although the baldness-masking hairstyle tends to be the butt of jokes these days, Donald Trump isn't the only man to have taken his comb-over quite seriously.

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Hollywood icon John Wayne once said, "Never apologize. It's a sign of weakness." Is that masculine advice why it's thought that women tend to apologize more than men? Caroline and Cristen examine how men and women say "I'm sorry," and myth-bust the stereotype of women as the sorrier sex.