Why Men Wear Pants

I hadn't given much thought to why men wear pants until I started looking into why women wear skirts. The only known clothing to predate the skirt is the loincloth, which means that for a long time, skirts were unisex, as Valerie Steel, director of the museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, told CBS News: "Men and women both wore skirts in ancient times. Once you had the initial idea of weaving a rectangle and tying it around yourself, you had basically the skirt. And if you look at say ancient, Egyptian paintings, you see men and women both wearing what's in effect a skirt." So why and when did the skirt begat the pant (Fun fact: "pant" is derived from 4th-century Roman Saint Pantaleon)?

Men's Signature Hairdos Discovered at 32

Mustache Implants "Booming" in Turkey

Nipple-darkening tattoos in Britain, double eyelid surgery in South Korea, and now mustache implants in Turkey. I'm not going out of my way to turn this blog into Stuff Mom Never Told You About Faddish Cosmetic Surgeries, I swear. But how could I resist spreading the word about how men are apparently "flocking" to Turkey to get mustache implants? Answer: I couldn't.

Men comprise an estimated 20 percent of anorexics, but many are going untreated. To understand why, it's necessary to explore unraveling sexual orientation, internalized homonegativity and more. Tune in to learn why calling it "manorexia" is problematic.

#BadTech: Lulu, a Guy-Rating App For Women

This post begs a hackneyed intro, so here it is: Are you a heterosexual woman who wishes she could read reviews of prospective boyfriends to find out whether he's a stud or a dud? There's an app for that.

7-Second Sex Stat Debunked

Several years ago, a study from Northwestern University argued that male bisexuality doesn't exist. Strangely enough, a new study from the same university contradicted the first. Is there a social stigma adding to the controversy? Tune in to learn more.

Studies show men are just as intuitive as women, so why does folklore disagree? Does women's intuition really exist? Do women have higher emotional intelligence? Join Caroline and Cristen as they take a closer look at the nature of intuition.

Why are men taller than women? Are taller men more attractive? Do tall people make more money? Join Caroline and Cristen as they tackle some of the recurring questions surrounding height, gender and society.

Why do women spend so much time and money removing the hair down there? Is it because of men, the media, or personal preference? Join Molly and Cristen as they travel back in time to find out women's preferences for pubic hair removal through history.