Penis Length May Correlate to Finger Length

Korean urologists recently found a correlation between penile and finger length. Specifically, the ratio between the length of a man's index finger and ring finger may relate to the length of his penis. The shorter the index finger, compared to the ring finger, the longer the penis -- possibly.

Historically, men have always worn makeup. But now, wearing makeup is seen as effeminate. Is it possible that more men will wear makeup in the future, given that cosmetics sales to men are rising? Tune in to learn more.

Ever since women started becoming doctors, studies have scrutinized genders and doctoring styles. Women may spend more time with patients and communicate more easily with them, but that's not the whole story. Tune in to learn more.

MomStuff Listener Nominates Himself to Be First Male Guest

You know why I love Stuff Mom Never Told You so stinking much? Our listeners. Not only are y'all whip-smart and keep Molly and me on our toes, but you brighten our days with wonderful emails. Case in point: today's email from a male listener who nominated himself to be our first male guest.

Nowadays, beer is widely considered to be a boy's drink -- but this wasn't always the case. Listen in as Molly and Cristen recount the history of beer and beer stereotypes.

Women tend to have warmer core temperatures than men -- but why? In this episode, Molly and Cristen examine the science behind this mysterious discrepancy in body temperature.

When it comes to body odor, we all smell a little different. But are there distinct gender differences? In this episode, Molly and Cristen discuss how body odor works, the many factors that can affect it -- and tactful ways to address a body odor problem.

Chivalry was originally the code of behavior for medieval knights; today, the term is synonymous with courteous male behavior towards women. But is modern chivalry obsolete? Molly and Cristen ponder chivalry, courtesy and feminism in this episode.

When it comes to shedding pounds, men have an advantage: They lose weight faster and more easily than women do. Why? In this episode, Molly and Cristen examine the many variables that affect weight loss in general -- and female weight loss in particular.

Molly and Cristen examine the gendering of musical instruments, from the lack of male harpists to the gender politics of lutes, in this episode.