The Menstrual Cups Revival

Even though they're just as old as commercial tampons, menstrual cups are just now breaking into the period mainstream.

Period Pride

In the 1970s, Germaine Greer encouraged women to taste their own menstrual blood. These days, artists are creating work about periods to help erase the menstruation stigma. Cristen and Caroline look at the evolution of period pride and discuss whether the in-your-face attitude is actually helping.

3 Reasons Not to Take Your Tampons for Granted

A Brief History of Period Panties

Not Your Average Period Panties

Julie Sygiel reinvented the period panty with her company Dear Kate. Cristen and Caroline chat with this startup STEM major-turned-underwear entrepreneur about everything everything from venture capital to feminist dads and how Dear Kate is hoping to disrupt the lingerie industry.

Is PMS a myth?

It might seem like a preposterous question, but many researchers wonder how much of premenstrual syndrome, or PMS, is physical fact versus culturally constructed fiction. Cristen and Caroline chart the medical history of PMS and how moodiness most commonly associated with might not be a byproduct of menstruation.

Super Mario Meets Menstruation in "Tampon Run"

Not to be hyperbolic, but a couple of high school girls in New York have built the greatest weaponized tampon video game ever...

15 Things Women Shouldn't Do On Their Periods, According to Ancient Science

Considering how many chores women of yore were supposed to ditch during that time of the month, they could've really played up menstrual taboos to their benefit, making menstruation into a welcome monthly vacation when ladies could retreat to their menstrual huts and get a little peace and quiet for a few days. No ham curing, butter churning or cooking for men allowed -- at last!The following menstruation don'ts are taken from the delightful 1915 paper "Of Superstitions concerning Menstruation" by British doctor Raymond Crawfurd.

Do vegetarian and vegan diets affect menstrual cycles?

A Stuff Mom Never Told You listener wrote in a couple weeks ago inquiring whether vegetarian and/or vegan diets can affect a woman's periods. After doing some digging for studies and expert opinions, the simple answer is that there is no simple answer.

1980: The Worst Year in Tampon History

For tampon manufacturers, 1980 was a terrible, no good year. Since the late 1930s, American women had been using tampons in increasing numbers, but in 1978, the medical identification of "toxic shock syndrome" (TSS) set the stage for a terrible tampon public relations disaster. The first TSS study was published in the Lancet, but it didn't have anything to do with menstruating women....