Mental Health

Are women using wine to cope with the patriarchy?

Many people give up drinking in January. Here’s what boozing means for women and feminism.

Are women bigger whiners?

After a long, tough day, sometimes all you want to do is blow off steam by complaining. But is venting worth the emotional toll that getting trapped in a negativity spiral can take? Cristen and Caroline discuss the pros and cons of complaining and dissect why women are stereotyped as nags.

Little Miss Perfect

Perfectionism is assumed to be a female trait, but what does that mean, exactly? Cristen and Caroline explore how perfectionism isn't what you think it is and whether women actually are perfectionists in their appearance, career and relationships.

Anxious Women

Why are women twice as likely to experience chronic anxiety? Cristen and Caroline share their own experiences with long-term anxiety, whether female anxiety is more nature or nurture and how to manage its persistent symptoms.

The High Priestess of Soul

Nina Simone was a musical prodigy and civil rights activist whose iconic voice and style shaped the sound of modern jazz and soul. Cristen and Caroline explore the tempestuous woman behind the artistic legend and how racism compelled and complicated her career.

"Quite Messy": What Living with OCD Is Really Like

The flood of listener responses to our "Obsessed with OCD" podcast confirmed one of the major themes of that episode: obsessive-compulsive disorder is highly common and highly misrepresented in popular culture. Offhand jokes about being "so OCD" about loading the dishwasher, organizing book shelves or maintaining a fastidious appearance undercut what it's really like to live with the disorder that affects an estimated 176 million people around the world.

Are women more passive-aggressive?

Sure, fine, whatever. What is passive aggression, and why is it associated stereotypically with women? Cristen and Caroline break down what passive aggression is, where it comes from and how it plays out among genders.

Obsessed with OCD

What is obsessive-compulsive disorder and why does it happen? Cristen and Caroline separate mental health facts from pop cultural fiction about this commonly misunderstood disorder that affects millions of men and women.

Gone Girls

What exactly is a sociopath, and why are women with antisocial personality disorder so rare? Cristen and Caroline confront the clinical realities of sociopathy and why it's become pop culture's favorite character flaw.

Is ADHD different for girls?

Boys are four times more likely to be diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, but why? Cristen and Caroline examine the ADHD gender gap, how the disorder impacts girls' lives differently and why so many young women are taking Adderall.