A Buffer of Whores

Wartime prostitution is American as Uncle Sam and apple pie. Cristen and Caroline shares the hidden history of military STDs, government-sanctioned brothels, and the surveillance of civilian women to provide a "buffer of whores" to keep soldiers sexually satisfied.

Military Wives

Being married to the military comes with unique challenges, including deployment, frequent moves and stereotyping as a frivolous "Army wife." Cristen and Caroline examine what life is really like for military spouses, LGBT military families and female soldiers with civilian husbands.

How will women in combat impact the military? Join Caroline and Cristen as they look at other countries that allow women in combat, outline a brief history of women soldiers and explore the combat exclusion policy.

Due in part to their accomplishments in recent conflicts, women's role in the U.S. military is expanding. Learn more about the changing role of women in the military -- and the challenges they still face -- in this podcast from