The Only Two Women on American Banknotes...So Far

When she replaces Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill, Harriet Tubman will become just the third woman on U.S. paper currency. Who were the two greenback gals who preceded her?

The $10 Woman

The U.S. Treasury announced a woman will be featured on a new $10 bill, which got Cristen and Caroline wondering about women on currency around the world. And more importantly, does a woman's face on money really uplift gender equality?

Vintage Badvertising: Credit-Shaming Wives

Are Americans Becoming Too Poor to Marry?

Here's a doozy of a claim: "Marriage is becoming a distinctive social institution marking middle-class status."...

Women tend to score much lower than men on financial literacy tests. Why? Is money management a man thing? Does financial planning pander to women? Listen in to learn more.

Risky Business: Women-Run Hedge Funds Bring Home More Bacon

Could a touch of measured caution and risk management, which is more inherent to women's financial acumen, have prevented some of the costly mistakes that sent stock markets spiraling? Barring a time machine that could give us a conclusive answer, here's at least one bit of compelling evidence that it's time to get more women managing massive amounts of money.

Life Costs More for Same-Sex Couples

In this episode, Molly and Cristen talk about the "beauty premium" and how physical attractiveness can be advantageous (and lucrative) in the workplace.