US Women of Color to Watch in the Winter Olympics

We’re cheering on team USA - and especially this extraordinary boundary-breaking women of color.

Fighting for Women's Olympic Boxing

At the 2016 Summer Olympics women's boxing event, all eyes are on U.S.A. phenom Claressa Shields. Cristen and Caroline share Shields' inspiring backstory and women's boxing's long road to Olympic glory.

Gymnastics Gold

American Simone Biles is possibly the most talented gymnast in history. Cristen and Caroline somersault across the history of the OIympic event from its iconic hair and leotards to gendered and ethnic coding as well as the women like Simone Biles who have vaulted to worldwide attention.

17 Women Who Made Olympic History

An inspiring round-up of Olympic women record makers and breakers.

The Olympics' First Female Gold Medalist

SMNTY Weekly Must-Reads: The Olympics' Gayest Sport

Olympic women's wrestling started in 2004, and interest in the sport has grown since. Tune in as Caroline and Cristen look at the women of WWE wrestling, as well as the Cholitas, Bolivia's beloved women wrestlers,

The 2012 Summer Olympics mark the official debut of women's boxing, and fans have been waiting anxiously. In this episode, Caroline and Cristen explore the history of women's boxing, along with gender dynamics at the gym and inside the ring.

Molly and Cristen discuss the history of women and the Olympics, from their early exclusion to their nearly equal presence in the upcoming games, in this episode of Stuff Mom Never Told You.