Mama's Boys

How do boys' relationships with their mothers influence who they grow up to become? Cristen and Caroline unpack the psychology of "mama's boys" and the unique dynamics of mother-son bonding.

Middle Child Syndrome

Do middle children really get the short end of the familial stick? Cristen and Caroline explore the psychological history of middle children, the influence of birth order and the cultural biases against the in-between siblings.

Single Dads

More men than ever before are raising kids as single dads. To celebrate Father's Day, Cristen and Caroline trace how single fatherhood has become the new normal and spotlight how and why society treats single dads differently from single moms.

25 Rad Dads

Happy Father's Day to all the rad dads around the world.

Mom Superbrains

During pregnancy, many women experience a period of forgetfulness or absentmindedness nicknamed "mommy brain," and as I detailed in How Motherhood Works, those might be inconvenient symptoms of brain remodeling underway. In 2010, when some Yale scientists examined fMRI scans of new moms' brains, they discovered small but significant structural changes the hypothalamus, amygdala and prefrontal cortex -- areas specifically involved with motivation and reward. As I explain in the delightful video below, those alterations offer evidence that what we think of as "maternal instinct" might be neurologically hardwired into new mom's brains:

Teen Sex and the Sleepover Debate

Are pets the new children?

After Word War II, pets became a standard part of American homes. Now, some think that the love and money we shower on our domesticated animals constitutes pet parenting. Cristen and Caroline discuss pet attachments and how it relates to couples who are childfree-by-choice.

Are Chinese children raised with a greater sense of family loyalty than kids in the West? Join Caroline and Cristen as they discuss Eastern parenting practices, the Chinese principle of filial piety and how family devotion affects Chinese kids' success.

Does teleworking solve the childcare issue? Join Caroline and Cristen as they explore the high cost of childcare for working parents & single moms, as well as how workplace childcare improves job satisfaction and business bottom lines.

When kids fly the coop, do parents come down with empty nest syndrome? It's no secret that kids leaving home often requires parents to renegotiate their relationships. Listen in to learn how moms and dads tend to deal with empty nests differently.