There are 1.4 million child caregivers in the United States -- but what kinds of caregiving responsibilities do these kids shoulder? Listen in to learn why child caregivers are at a higher risk of asocial behavior, anxiety and depression.

Tweens spend $40 million per month on beauty products. And when retailers peddle makeup to tweens, parental freak-outs are bound to occur. So why do parents fret over their daughters wearing makeup? One word: sex. Tune in to learn more.

Is 'baby fever' real?

Why do some women get a sudden, irrational longing for a baby? Do men get 'baby fever'? Join Cristen and Caroline as they examine the telltale signs of 'baby fever.'

Are working moms happier?

In this episode, Cristen and Caroline look at mothers across the employment spectrum, exploring how the 'Mommy Wars' pit working moms against non-working moms. Listen in to learn more about working moms -- and why part-time employed moms are the happiest.

Does "the talk" make a difference in teen sexual behavior? Is it true that 40 percent of adolescents get "the talk" after they've already engaged in sexual intercourse? How should parents talk about sex with LGBT youth? Tune in for more with Cristen and Caroline.

As of 2009, there were about 423,773 children in foster care in the U.S. While some children may return to their original families, some are adopted and others simply age out of the system. Learn more about foster care with Cristen and Caroline.

Do people without siblings differ from the rest of the human race? Tune in as Caroline and Cristen look at the fiction -- and facts -- surrounding our stereotypes of only children.

If Judd Apatow had decided to film "Knocked Up" as a period comedy set in 1938, that scene might not have made the final cut since Seth Rogan and his cronies wouldn't be anywhere near the laboring Katherine Heigl. At that time, barely half of American births were even happening in hospitals, and they were largely all-female affairs.

What does human breast milk taste like?

In "Should women donate their breast milk?", Molly and I chat about what women do with excess breast milk they can't use. That inevitably led us to a mention the Baby Gaga ice cream that made a media splash earlier this year. The Icreamists shop in London sold breast milk-flavored ice cream for a whopping $22 per serving, due to that special ingredient that came from around 15 women selling their breast milk online.

Ever since Molly and I talked about the modern struggle of naming babies on Stuff Mom Never Told You (folks used to just point to a name in the Bible, and presto!), listener letters have steadily rolled in, commiserating with the challenge of choosing a suitable title for a new child. Take Canadian Angie's tale of picking out a name for her son: