Gallup poll finds American men prefer sons

Since 1941, American men have expressed a preference for sons over daughters. Gallup poll data stretching back decades reveal that the proportion of both men and women who say that they'd rather have a son than a daughter has barely fluctuated, always hovering around 40 percent.

How (Not) to Predict a Baby's Sex, Round 2

Just when we thought we had everything figured out about magically predicting how the sexual organs inside a fetus will turn out (barring telepathy -- although I could probably sell a TV series called "Mind Reading Mommies" faster than you can say 'breastfeeding'), some Japanese scientists had to come along and shake things right back up like a hysterical baby rattle.

Younger Parents Have Boys, Older Parents Have Girls?

Teen parents are more likely to produce boys while middle-aged parents are more like to produce girls. Satoshi Kanazawa over at Psychology Today breaks down this pattern by the numbers and comes up with a couple stunning observations:

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