The Real "Badass" Ladies of 1928

Who were the real "badass" ladies of 1928 whose Photoshopped image is now Internet famous?

Swimsuit Season Lie No. 4: The Beach Body

Models' "ideal bodies" and perfectly smooth silhouettes we see sporting swimwear and such aren't exactly the real deal. Sure, these women are genetically predisposed to have lovely figures, and they're paid to keep themselves trim. However, let's not lose sight of something that has undeniably skewed our idea of what the "perfect body" looks like: airbrushing.

Lena Dunham, Photoshop, and "Feminist" Clickbait

A Lovely Conversation on Beauty & Feminism

How has Photoshop, social media and modern advertising altered the meaning of beauty? Cristen interviews beauty scholar Autumn Whitefield-Madrono of The Beheld about 21st-century beauty and how it intersects with technology and feminism.