...Emblazoned on the bodies of so many sweaty (Always sweaty! Should be called "sweatspo" if you ask me, but nobody did.) are pithy sayings that range from the genuinely inspiration -- "Be positive, patience and persistent" -- to the sinister --"It's always too early to quit." And mostly, the fitspo that I found motivates with body-shaming threats that twist exercise into a constant state, rather than a healthful retreat...

Why are so many people drawn to cooking, crafts and lifestyles from a bygone era? How do Etsy, Pinterest and mommy blogs fuel new domesticity? Tune in as Cristen and Caroline interview with Emily Matchar on her book on the new domesticity movement

Who came up with Pinterest and why? Why is Pinterest so popular among women? In this episode, Cristen and Caroline do more than answer these questions -- they also explore Manteresting, Gentlemint and other 'Pinterests for dudes.'