This Black History Month, Don't Forget About the Women!

Black History Month is the perfect time to remember that women's contributions often go unnoticed.

Oprah 2020?

After her inspiring Golden Globes speech, E&B break down the case for and against President Oprah

Role Overload: A National Crisis

Rounding out the conversation on role overload, E&B interview author and think tank policy wonk, Brigid Schulte on the national crisis that is worker overwhelm, and uncover how government can help.

Classic Episode: Are female politicians better for women?

As Margaret Thatcher's legacy demonstrates, female politicians don't always support women's issues, feminism or other women in leadership. Caroline and Cristen discuss the effectiveness of female politicians, surrogate representation and more.

Who is Hillary Clinton?

Hillary Clinton has been one of the most successful women in American politics, but ever since she became the First Lady of Arkansas, people have both loved and loathed her. Cristen and Caroline travel back in time to look at what shaped Hillary, how the press has treated her and what it means to be a powerful woman in the public eye.

Where are the women in political campaigns?

Women are a rare sight in the upper echelons of political campaign management and strategy. Cristen and Caroline put on their detective hats to figure out why women more often end up leading fundraising and grassroots efforts.

The First Lady Pants in Congress

Media Mentions of Female Political Candidates' Looks Have Ugly Electoral Results

Whether good, bad, or ugly, female political candidates' looks making the news hurts their electability. A survey jointly sponsored by Name It. Change It., the Women's Media Center and She Should Run found that whenever the media report on the appearance of women running for office, the outcome is negative -- no matter whether news items praise or critique. Based on the responses of 1,500 likely male and female voters, including an oversample of 100 women, the survey revealed that the appearance reporting hurt the women candidates the most in the areas of "being in touch, being likeable, confident, effective and qualified."

Do men and women vote differently?

It's true: Women tend to vote more Democratic than men in the U.S. Join Caroline and Cristen as they explore the relationship between politics and gender, including how men and women see the role of government differently and the myth of the "pink vote."

Studies have found that couples are more likely to share political views than personality traits, and people are more willing to share their weight than political affiliations online. Are political views a romantic deal-breaker? Tune in to find out.