Pop Culture

Listeners Love Lady Detectives

After doing our two-part series (here and here) about lady detectives on TV, one thing was abundantly clear: Y'all love some lady crimesolvers. While the episodes were busting at the seams with Cagney and Lacey, Olivia Benson, Jessica Fletcher and others, there simply wasn't time to talk about every fabulous character out there.

Why take Taylor Swift seriously?

One of the most powerful women in the music industry, Taylor Swift has amassed a global legion of fans through her catchy songwriting, social media savvy and star-studded dating history. Cristen and Caroline take a look at the country-princess-turned-pop-powerhouse's incredible career and why her critics ignore her talent.

Is the manic pixie dream girl dead?

Caroline and Cristen revisit the "manic pixie dream girl" trope in television and movies and explore whether the stock female character is disappearing from pop culture.

When Four-Eyed Women Became Fashionable

What's the nature of gender, masculinity and sexuality in boy band lyrics? What about race and ethnicity in (mostly white) boy bands? Join Cristen and Caroline for a brief history of boy bands, from The Beatles to 1 Direction.

What is the etymology of "tomboy," and how has it evolved from meaning a whiskey-drinking man to a rough-and-tumble girl? Tune in to learn more about pop culture, tomboys, sissies and gender identity in this episode.

Why did ABC launch its Afterschool Specials programming? What were the hot topics in Afterschool Specials (and how did Degrassi do it better)? Join Cristen and Caroline to learn more about how Afterschool Specials addressed race, sexuality and gender.

Where did manic pixie dream girls come from?

The manic pixie dream girl is certainly a memorable film trope, and numerous movies feature these characters. But where do they come from, and where are the manic pixie dream guys? Tune in as Caroline and Cristen explore manic pixies and film.

Following up on last year's episode, Cristen and Molly take a look at the female directors, actors and other professionals contending for an Academy Award. Tune in to learn more about women in Hollywood, as well as the representation of women in film.

Over the years pop culture has created several stereotypes of librarians, creating an image of bespectacled spinsters. How do these stereotypes compare to modern librarians? In this podcast, Molly and Cristen take a closer look at librarian stereotypes.