Classic Episode: The Revenge Porn Wars

Sometimes termed "cyber rape," revenge porn refers to sexually explicit images and videos nonconsensually shared on the internet. Cristen and Caroline chart the horrifying rise of revenge porn, why it happens, how it affects the victims and how the digital laws are evolving to criminalize it.

Pinup Girls

During World War II, pinups were the ultimate American sex symbols. Cristen and Caroline discuss the history and evolution of pinups, female pinup artists and why some women consider pinup fashion and imagery empowering today.

The Horrifying Rise of Revenge Porn

Why is online porn the trend piece du jour?

So far in the world of online (and print to some extent) journalism, 2011 is shaping up to be the Year of Porn. It's everywhere, people. Porn in The Atlantic, porn in Salon, porn in New York magazine, and onward. No, the reputable publications aren't trying out some new profit model based on Adults Only sections or anything like that; they simply can't stop talking about pornography -- especially Internet pornography.