Why are gender reveal parties popular?

In recent years, parents-to-be have given birth to a new baby celebration: the gender reveal party. Cristen and Caroline discuss what exactly they are, why they exist and the pros and cons of their fast-growing popularity.

Why is it harder to get pregnant after 35?

Women are waiting longer to have children, but when does fertility take a nosedive? Caroline and Cristen explore the science of female fertility and why 35 isn't necessarily the beginning of the end for natural conception.

Britain Has Royal Baby Fever Like It's 1688

The Western world is pretty much freaking out over the state of Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton's uterus. Reuters reports that royal baby fever already has netted the UK $380 million, thanks to sales of souvenirs and collectibles, tourism and party supplies for fake royal baby showers. There's even a Royal Baby App that promises user up-to-the-minute updates on the royal baby's crowning (kidding -- but it will send out alerts when the tiny he or she arrives), as well as photo opps of "first steps, public appearances, royal visits." Really, it seems like there hasn't been this level of public hubbub surrounding a royal birth since way back when in 1688...

What is natural childbirth?

As more women are choosing natural childbirth, Caroline and Cristen look into what "natural" actually means and how women deal with the pain of having a baby without meds.

Why are more women requesting C-sections?

Does the scheduling convenience of C-sections outweigh the risks? Join Caroline and Cristen for a brief medical history of C-sections, as well as an exploration of doctors' concerns over the rising rates of the procedure.

Finally, in 2011 doctors confirmed that it's safe to have sex during pregnancy -- but that's not the end of the story. Why are some men especially attracted to pregnant women? How does pregnancy affect sex drive? Join Cristen and Caroline to learn more.

How much weight do women gain during pregnancy? What exactly is pregnorexia? Is it true that men can gain pregnancy weight, too? Join Caroline and Cristen as they take a closer look at pregnancy and weight gain.

Pregnancy tests have a colorful history tracing back to 1350 BC -- and, as you might imagine, the methods have varied greatly over the centuries. In this episode, Caroline and Cristen look at the history of pregnancy tests.

True Story: "That's Not a Tummy Ache. That's a Baby!"

Indeed, women can be pregnant without even knowing it, as discussed in the Discovery Health article 10 Reasons You Might Now Know You're Pregnant (Until You're in Labor). Since it seems like such a far-fetched notion, we asked listeners to send in any real-life anecdotes. And they've been rolling into our MomStuff Inbox -- at an admittedly startling rate.

How can you not know you are pregnant?

We've all seen those news stories where a woman goes nine months without realizing she's pregnant. It happens more often than you might think - but how? Join Molly and Cristen as they investigate how pregnancies can be overlooked.