50 SMNTY Book Recommendations For Summer...Or Any Season

It's that time again! Here's our 2013 SMNTY summer book recommendations compiled from what Cristen, Caroline and literary listeners are reading, as well as some titles we've cited in podcasts. It's a colorful mix of fiction and nonfiction with a strong focus on women...of course. And though the titles link to Amazon for the sake of convenience, if you see something you like, head over to your local bookstore!

On Shacking Up & Horse Poop: History's First Advice Column

In the late 17th century, English bookseller John Dunton had a problem -- an affair, to be specific. He wasn't sure quite how to juggle his non-monogamy and didn't have anyone to turn to for advice on such an indiscretion, at which point Dunton had a marvelous idea. What if puzzled gents like himself could jot down whatever was ailing them, send it off to a group of experts and receive a solution in return? Who knows what Dunton ultimately did about his philandering since he staked his place in publishing history with the invention of the advice column.