A Practical Wedding

When did weddings become so impractical, costing more than $26,000 on average? Meg Keene, A Practical Wedding Founder and author of the new "A Practical Wedding Planner" shares her insights and advice what an affordable, feminist wedding looks like and how to pull it off gracefully.

Are women bigger whiners?

After a long, tough day, sometimes all you want to do is blow off steam by complaining. But is venting worth the emotional toll that getting trapped in a negativity spiral can take? Cristen and Caroline discuss the pros and cons of complaining and dissect why women are stereotyped as nags.

Significant Others

Boyfriends and girlfriends are so passe. In a romantic era that knows no age, marital or gender identity bounds, Cristen and Caroline search for the ideal couple label that aptly communicates modern commitment.

Couple Speak

Couples with cutesy pet names and intimate code language may be nauseating, but research finds those are signs of a healthy relationship. Cristen and Caroline parse out the particulars of how and why couple-speak happens.

Bisexual Erasure, Part 2

Is the concept of sexual fluidity erasing bisexuality? Cristen and Caroline continue their discussion of bisexual erasure happening everywhere from academia to "Orange Is the New Black."

Bisexual Erasure, Part 1

Why does the B in LGBT often get overlooked? Cristen and Caroline examine America's history of bisexual erasure and how bisexual people face prejudice from straight and gay communities alike.

All the Single Ladies

Why do people fear the single woman? In this episode, Cristen and Caroline talk to researcher Kinneret Lahad about why singledom is seen as so disruptive and why the Single by Choice movement isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Single by Choice

Who needs marriage these days? Cristen and Caroline discuss the record number of Americans choosing to stay single and why single women tend to spark more controversy and panic than single men.

Divorced Women

Society has always been a little suspicious of the divorced woman: Is she a gold-digging threat or a pitiful, jilted wife? Most likely, she's neither. Cristen and Caroline wade through the stereotypes to uncover the reality of life as a divorcee.

Trophy Wives

Do beautiful women marry for money? Cristen and Caroline unpack the gender- and race-loaded stereotype of the Trophy Wife and investigate whether she really exists.