The Real Queen Victoria

How did Queen Victoria's personal life set the tone for the entire Victorian era? Holly from Stuff You Missed in History Class stops by to dish about the fascinating life and times of the her favorite royal, Queen Victoria.

Stalking 101

Stalking wasn't illegal in the United States until 1989. Cristen and Caroline outline the different forms of stalking, differences between male and female stalkers, and how stalking is a form of dating violence.

Domestic Violence 101

Intimate partner violence, or domestic violence, accounts for 15 percent of all violent crime in the United States. Cristen and Caroline uncover the cycle of domestic violence and manipulation that keeps female and male victims from leaving their partners and the long-term health impacts of this epidemic of abuse.

How Couples Choose Their Side of the Bed

Do we expect too much from marriage?

Respected relationship psychologist and scholar Eli J. Finkel found that, on average, marriage satisfaction has declined over time while the happiest ones have gotten even happier. Finkel attributes this peculiar gap to the post-1965 era of the "self-expressive marriage," or the kind of "you not only complete me, but also inspire me to be the very best me."

The Science of BFFs

What's the scientific function of best friendship? Cristen and Caroline put besties and bromances under the microscope to discover the pros and cons of how these influential relationships shape our lives.

7 Types of Friends With Benefits

Not all "friends with benefits" are created equally, research finds.

Top 5 Love Lies

Pop principles about love often end up on the chopping block, but classic wisdom about happily-ever-after may not be so spot-on, either. Which time-honored, love-related truisms break down when put under the microscope?

Love Potion No. 9: Top 5 Love Chemicals in the Brain

Those crazy behaviors people exhibit when in love are often chalked up to fate, but science attributes them to a cocktail of chemicals buzzing around our brains. When love overwhelms our actions, which five neurochemicals are largely to blame?