Are the holidays bad for relationships?

Although romantic holiday movies lead us to believe that it's the most wonderful time of the year to fall in love, it's actually the most common time of the year for breakups. Cristen and Caroline discuss how holidays tax relationships and single status alike and offer some insights into seasonal stress management.

Are open relationships healthier?

Recent research has found that open relationships may be healthier than monogamous ones. Cristen and Caroline investigate the dynamics, risks and rewards of open relationships.

The Office Romance

As soon as women entered the American workplace in the 1860s, sex and romance have been a common undercurrent of office life. Cristen and Caroline explore the risks and rewards of 21st-century office romances, along with cupid contracts, trading sex for promotions and sexual harassment.

Keeping Up With the Joneses' Sex Lives

Do you know how often your friends and neighbors are having sex? If you're having sex frequently, finding out those intimate details could translate to a happiness boost, says a new study out of the University of Colorado at Boulder. Sort of...

Hey, The Onion, Dating Violence Is a Terrible Punchline

The Onion, fake news site extraordinaire and one of my favorite places on the entire Interwebs, celebrated Valentine's Day with some hilarious headlines like, "Girlfriend Just Wants to Have Low-Key, Laid-Back Valentine's Day Fight This Year" (don't we all?!) and "Mother Considers Son 'Quite the Little Casanova'" (don't we all?! wait.). It even offered readers tips for spicing up this most special of non-holidays, such as "Greet him at the door wearing nothing but his dead wife's clothes." But it was hard to get a kick out of that comedy gold after watching its lead Valentine's Day video, "Devoted Abuser Stops By Girlfriend's Office To Deliver Surprise Threat."

The Friendzone

What is the "friendzone" and where did the term come from? How does getting in - and out - of the friendzone work? Can friendships survive the friendzone? (Studies say maybe.) Tune in to learn more.

How Matchmakers Work

How do matchmakers help people find love? Who hires matchmakers and how much do they cost? Are matchmakers successful? The answers might surprise you. Join Caroline and Cristen as they explore the strange world of matchmaking.

After a romance fail, should you stay friends with an ex? Studies show that most people attempt post-romantic friendships -- but how does it work out? Join Caroline and Cristen as they explore some guidelines for pursuing friendships with exes.

Studies have found that couples are more likely to share political views than personality traits, and people are more willing to share their weight than political affiliations online. Are political views a romantic deal-breaker? Tune in to find out.

A typical U.S. couple will have an age gap of 2.3 years -- but this wasn't always the case. Join Caroline and Cristen as they explore the average age gap, May-December relationships and the ultimate question: How large is too large of an age gap?