Are there gender differences in friendship patterns? Join Caroline and Cristen as they explore famous bromances throughout history, as well as challenges to making man friends. Tune in to learn more about bromances.

Why do breakup songs hurt so good?

Almost everyone has a breakup song -- but why? In this episode, Cristen and Caroline explain how we process emotional rejection as physical pain and why music has an analgesic effect. Tune in to learn more (including which breakup songs may be the best).

Is Masturbation Good For You?

Cristen and Caroline investigate the pros and cons of masturbation from a health and wellness perspective. Does it threaten relationships? What happens when masturbation provokes jealousy in relationships? Tune in to find out.

The Singlehood Stigma

More people are delaying or avoiding marriage, and also raising children outside of wedlock. Are single people penalized? Join Cristen and Caroline as they look at the statistics and explain why single women over 25 are the most stigmatized.

Divorce lawyers at the firm Grant Thornton reported a new trend in couples severing nuptial ties: affairs aren't the biggest factor pushing people apart. And, no, it's not the economy, stupid, although tighter budgets might put a strain on the heartstrings.

Cheaters More Likely to Rebound in Dating

Ah, the rebound relationship. Many of us have become embroiled in them, despite their negative reputation as throwaway relationships we jump into in order to get over past partners. Maybe one reason rebounding has gotten such a bad rap has to do with the type of people who tend to hopscotch from relationship to relationship.

Are rebound relationships unhealthy?

Rebounding has a negative stigma, but could they be good for you? Perhaps! Psychologists say rebounding could be especially good for attachment personality types, and there may be an odd correlation between cheating and rebounding.

Studies show that people often rank faces that resemble their parents as more attractive than other faces. Is this creepy, or can we pick up on clues about who will make a good parent by relying on our own parents as guides? Listen in to find out.

Is sexting good or bad for relationships?

There are tons of stories about the horrors of sexting. But what role does sexting play in consenting, adult relationships? Join Molly and Cristen as they explore the positive -- and negative -- aspects of sexting.

Dating Science: Who Pays on the First Date?

Heterosexual dating customs say the guy should be ready to whip out the wallet on the first date, but isn't that a little antiquated? Perhaps, but a 2007 Salon interview with famed anthropologist Helen Fisher indicates that heteros might be biologically "hard-wired" for this fiscal arrangement, rather than just tethered to outmoded courting rituals.